Bao He Tang XinChang – 5PV



– Jaundice: It helps remove bilirubin, check its production and increase supply of oxygen in the blood
– Piles: It facilitates and soothes digestive and respiratory systems
– Urinary disorder: It increases production of urine and inhibits infection in kidney and urine systems
– Weight loss: It is a very good dietary option containing detoxifier and anti-cancinogenic
– Kidney Disorder: It washes away toxins in the kidney
– Anti Congestive: It relieves congestion of respiratory system including nose, throat, etc.
– Liver & Gall Bladder: A good appetizer, regulates metabolism and improves blood circulation
– Depression: it provides a relaxing and tranquilizing effect


1 – 2bags a day. Infus repeatedly with boling water until tea becomes colorless

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