Mengqian – 28PV


  • Fundamentally effective for female infertility
  • Helps prepare women bodies to conceive and carry pregnancy to term
    Boost female immune system
  • Recommended for those looking for children
  • The woman is the power house and engine room when it comes to reproducing and carrying a child. However, due to lots of challenges women face, they are not able to perform their roles and many are not even fruitful again.
  • This product has been carefully produced for the modern woman to richly supply all those nutrients that they are missing out form their day to day dieting and eating habits.
  • This is specially for women to improve their hormonal imbalance (especially during menopause) and fertility problems.
  • It can help tighten loosened stomach skin in women that have given birth- It also reduces pimples and promotes healthy complexion
  • It is useful in improving hair quality
  • It reduced stress from the mind, adjusts the nervous system and regulates metabolism, improves eye sight and treats insomnia
  • Detoxifies the system, cleans and clears the skin and makes you look younger
  • It can take care of hormonal changes caused by liver disease or the use of oral contraceptives


√ Increases sexual performance
√ Improves Sperm Count, adjusting immunity and eliminate fatigue
√ Treats stiffness. e.g. arthritis and down syndrome
√ Vitamins present prevent sluggish sperm or low sperm count.
√ Penetrates the bone to expel pathogenic wind
√Useful in reducing nebula of the cornea(skin of the eye)
√ Suitable for men with low immunity & easily tiring


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