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The foot is to us what the root is to trees. Because of its position, your foot mirrors your general health. It is termed the ‘second heart’ of the human body. The foot accounts for 25% of the bones in the human body. It carries one-half of the body’s weight when walking. With so many nerve endings in the foot, it is one of the nerve-rich parts of the body.

How does it work?

The A-plus energy shoes contain super-magnetic energy and herbal materials which synergistically stimulate reflex/acupuncture points (known as reflex zones) on the foot. This action enhances musculoskeletal activities as well as blood circulation to organs whose channels terminate on the foot. Increased blood circulation means increased oxygen supply to these organs, thereby energizing them.

1. First human power bank: Recharges, reboots and revitalizes
2. Energy materials consist of super-magnetic materials and natural plants
3. Exclusive mechanical correction technology (shapes foot arches/ rectifies body skeleton/corrects spinal column)
4. Unblocks all meridians, channels and collaterals
5. Arouses self-repair and self-healing potentials
6. Stimulates blood circulation to all organs of the body, promotes metabolism and eliminates toxins from the blood
7. Increases stamina
8. Balances and aligns all angles of the bones thereby treating joint issues
9. Exquisite raw materials. Handmade with Italian craftsmanship
10. Based on 5 theories including reflexology, biomechanics and ergonomics

Suitable for:
> People who tire easily
> People suffering from chronic diseases and insomnia
> People on Constant medication
> People with active lifestyle who want improved performance
> Nursing mothers: promotes recovery and lactation
> People with joint issues, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.
> Stroke patients
> Cervical/lumbar spondylosis patients
> People with hormonal imbalance
> People with painful periods
> People with cardiovascular diseases
> People who are wheelchair bound
> People with varicose veins

*Not suitable for*:
> Pregnant women
> People with internal/cerebral/retinal haemorrhage (bleeding)
> People wearing pacemakers
> People with high fever

*Expected timelines with energy shoes*:
*After 1 minute*: Experience instant energy
*After 10 minutes*: Significant reduction in pain when pressure is applied to the disease reflex area
*After 3 days*: Strength is regained and spine is strengthened
*After 90 days*: All meridians and channels are unblocked, significant improvement in condition

Caution: Keep shoes away from water or mud to avoid damage to the energy materials

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Questions and Facts About Energy Shoes.

Therapeutic Effects on Diseases

Why do Energy Shoes have therapeutic effect on dysmenorrhea?

Foot deformation will cause skeleton deformity and pelvic cavity compression, which would further lead to pelvic organs compression. During the menstrual period, endometrial wall thickens, and the pelvic pressure becomes even more intense, thus causing dysmenorrhea. Wearing the Energy Shoes helps rectify the position of pelvic cavity, adjust the viscera, thus producing therapeutic effect on dysmenorrhea.

I am 35 years old, and I have a hunchback. Can I bring my back to normal with Energy Shoes?

Absolutely yes. The normal spine curvature of human being is 12.6 degrees. Wearing Energy Shoes will help your spine curvature approach 12.6 degrees.

After giving birth, I began to lose my figure, can I wear Energy Shoes?

The greatest benefit of Energy Shoes is to rectify the deformed skeleton. After giving birth, the women would have enlarged pelvis. Wearing Energy Shoes helps correct your foot bone and ultimately achieve complete correction of pelvic bones.

Can diabetic patients wear Energy Shoes?

Energy Shoes are extremely good for diabetic patients, which can prevent diabetic foot ulcer. The Energy Shoes can improve lower extremity blood circulation. Wearing Energy Shoes also helps prevent diabetic foot ulcers from worsening.

Can arthritis sufferers wear Energy Shoes?

The arthritis is largely caused by prolonged, unbalanced and excessive stress on knee joints. The Energy Shoes help redistribute and balance stress/pressure on your knee joints, reduce joint abrasion, thus relieving pains and inflammation, and rectifying foot bones.

Can old people (more than 70 years old) use Energy Shoes?

It is very necessary for old people to use. Many old people suffer osteoporosis, and their foot arch ligaments have lost elasticity due to aging. That explains why old people cannot walk fast for long. Energy Shoes are perfect in arc design, which help increase bio-mechanic stability/balance and reduce stress on joints.

Can people suffering heart diseases wear Energy Shoes?

The biggest efficacy of Energy Shoes is to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism and eliminate toxins from the blood, so the Energy Shoes are completely suitable for heart disease sufferers. The Shoes also help adjust skeleton position, balance pressure on viscera and blood vessels, thus stabilizing blood pressure and improving blood circulation.

Do Energy Shoes have therapeutic effect on varicose veins?

Varices are largely caused by sedentary or standing lifestyles. The Energy Shoes can improve blood circulation around tense muscles, ease muscle tension, and unblock clogged meridians and collaterals, thus significantly reducing pains, swellings and strains caused by varices.

Do Energy Shoes have protective effects on your kidneys?

Yes. When our spine deforms, it tends to bend towards one side, thus adversely affecting the blood circulation around the kidney on that side. The Energy Shoes can help rectify deformed spine and bring blood circulation back to normal.

Can teenagers wear Energy Shoes?

Teenagers typically grow fast. Improper standing/sitting postures tend to affect their skeleton development. Energy Shoes can help correct postures, thus good for healthy development of skeleton.

Why do I feel dizzy when wearing Energy Shoes?

Energy Shoes have corrective and therapeutic effects on deformed skeletons. Dizziness is just a normal reaction of your body. Just like wearing tooth braces may bring you discomfort for the first few months. The dizziness or headache you felt when wearing Energy Shoes are indications that the Shoes are working effectively on your neck/ shoulder diseases. However, if your neck/shoulder feels severe discomfort, please stop usage for two days.

Why do I feel a tight chest when wearing Energy Shoes?

Energy Shoes can improve blood circulation, facilitate inner microcirculation and accelerate internal system circulation. Chest tightness is just the heart’s temporary adverse reaction to accelerated circulation. This symptom would disappear as soon as your heart adapts itself to such change.

Why do I feel very painful heels when wearing Energy Shoes?

The great pain is an indication of foot bone deformity. The Energy Shoes help correct foot bone deformity, so you certainly experience discomfort when walking on Energy Shoes. However, the pain would disappear when deformity is corrected over time.

I wear high heels for many years and have developed cocoons on my feet. Can I wear Energy Shoes?

The formation of feet cocoons is largely due to the forward shift of gravity center and ensuing unbalanced stress on feet. Energy Shoes help redistribute gravity and weight on the feet and reduce stress on strained parts, which can remarkably reduce foot pains caused by cocoons. Energy Shoes also come in high heels (thick or thin heels).

The structure of human skeleton

The human skeleton consists of spine, skull, and limbs, having 206 pieces of bones in total.

Can people with hemiplegia wear Energy Shoes?

Hemiplegia sufferers can hardly walk steadily because their leg joints are typically severely deformed. Energy Shoes can improve blood circulation, increase muscle strength and help recover bio-mechanic balance, and hence the best cure for such disease.

Can people with bone spur wear Energy Shoes?

Bone spur is largely caused by calcification of stress-bearing joints. Energy Shoes can help correct foot deformity and ultimately rectify deformed skeleton. The Shoes can help redistribute stress on joints, thus stopping pains and correcting deformities.
Causes for adult skeleton/spine deformity

Skeleton or spine deformity is closely related to aging, overweight, stress/pressure, improper postures, etc.

Possible risks of skeleton deformation

Skeleton deformity may lead to nervous system suppression and ensuing nervous pulse blockage, and ultimately results in human body dysfunction and cellular disorders followed by various illnesses e.g. the cervical/thoracic vertebrae spinal cord nervous disorders, facial features dysfunction; aches and numbness in upper limbs; Upper thoracic vertebrae dislocation may lead to heart diseases and pulmonary dysfunction.

Root causes for skeleton deformity

Causes for spine/skeleton dislocation/deformity include improper sitting/lying/walking postures, sudden exertion of force, and heavy loads bearing, etc. The spinal nerve could be compressed and suppressed by deformed inter-vertebral discs. The nerve pulses leading to brain may become blocked, resulting in body dysfunction, cellular disorders and various pains and diseases.

Pains and diseases caused by friction of joints

  • Excessive friction of joints will age joints, resulting in pains and diseases in bones and skeletons.
  • External causes for skeleton deformity
  • Overweight, aging, exertions, stress, pressure, etc.
  • Feet deformity is the leading cause for skeleton deformity

Great oaks from little acorns grow. Any skyscrapers have solid foundations. The shape of human skeleton is dictated by feet bones. Around 87% of skeleton deformities are attributable to feet deformation.

Feet deformity is largely due to overweight, improper walking postures, wearing shoes of wrong sizes, which can further lead to plantar joint/ligament looseness, as well as foot arch deformity; It may have direct influence on your knees, hip/ankle joints and spine, and leads to joint friction, wear and tear, bending, deformation and various diseases.

The importance of foot

Foot is the second heart of human. The blood pumped out from the heart circulates around body, thus producing blood velocity under pressure. In the meantime, the heart contracts repeatedly and cyclically and force blood to each part of the body. Toxins thus precipitate in the process.

Foot diseases may lead to plantar capillaries’ inability to carry blood around normally, poor blood circulation in lower limbs, as well as impaired functionality of other body parts.

The importance of foot acupoints

Foot to human is what root to tree. Six out of twelve meridians are in foot. These meridians are internal channels and passages that carry blood and life force around every part of human body. The foot has as many as 33 reflex points, accounting for 1/10 of total acupoints in your body, which function like switches of a production line and play a vital role in smooth blood/energy circulation and internal organs coordination.

Why are adults’ footprints different from standard human footprints?

Adult footprints are very different from the standard human footprints, because adult skeleton deforms somewhat due to aging, overweight, walking, etc.. Foot bones deformation may contribute to poor health or even some severe diseases. The diseases caused by skeleton deformation are incurable by dietary therapy. The only solution is bone correction.Causes for foot deformation

Causes for foot deformation

Causes for foot deformation include improper walking postures, overweight, wearing shoes of wrong sizes, etc. , which may further result in plantar joint/ligament deformation/looseness, foot arch deformation, abrasion, wear/tear of joints of knees, hip and ankles, spine bones and various diseases.

A-Plus Energy Shoes

Energy Shoes help stimulate plantar reflex area, realize human body’s potential to regulate, repair and heal itself, thus enhancing your vigor and vitality. The therapeutic principles of Energy Shoes: Magnetic therapy, Medication & Noninvasive Acupuncture Therapy; The magnetic materials built in the Shoes help unblock plantar meridians and collaterals, and achieve general inner system balance.

Hope more and more people regain health by wearing Energy Shoes. We would appreciate if you could recommend this article to your friends for the sake of their health.