Anti-mosquito Spray (Flowers and Fruits fragrance) – 4PV


Makes your enjoy outdoor activities with your family

Elegant aroma,clean and clear feeling;
Effect ingredients: DEET, 8 hours of effectiveness with positive virtue
Compound floral and fruity fragrant style, the top fragrance is fresh citrus aromas, the body fragrance is quiet and elegant, bottom fragrance is warm musk, the whole fragrance is elegant and pleasant.


  • Spray to the external parts of the Body
  • Has 5% DEET makes it NOT harmful to the skin nor cancerous
  • Does not cause oxidation
  • Does not cause skin irritation
  • Fragrance is floral, musk & Citrus.
  • Made from fruits and flowers mosquitos do not go near.


  • Do not spray into mouth, eyes or injuries and keep away from Children.
  • Use with caution for asthmatic patients and pregnant women.
  • Make your enjoy outdoor activities with your family
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