Longrich is a multi-billion dollar company that has been existing for over 33years with its origin in China. It manufactures health n daily used products like toothpaste, body wash, sanitary napkins, calcium n Arthro just to name a few. Longrich has more than 2000 products n even manufactures products for other companies such as Adidas n Unilever. The reason why Longrich exists is to alleviate poverty n to give us good health that’s why he says we should come n partner with him and he will share 75% of his profits with us. For us to partner with longrich we don’t need to pay any registration fee, all we need to do is just buy a package from its existing packages and that automatically makes us a member. Remember Longrich is found in close to 187countries in the world, wen u become a member, a code is issued to u, this code is an international code meaning anyone in any part of the world can sign-up behind u using this code. Once u become a member all u need to do is also advice three people to become members, each of the three also brings in their three n so forth. You can see more info on their official website https://www.longrich-global.com


  1. Longrich has been in business since 1986.
  2. The largest manufacturing company in all of Asia.
  3. Major investments in research (research institutes in China, France, the United States and Japan).

4 Quality, affordable, highly effective and consumable products on a daily basis.

  1. Generous compensation plan that leads to financial freedom.
  2. Earn weekly bonuses in US $ (paid on green Thursday) based on team activity.
  3. No pressure, no monthly sales goal.
  4. Only 3 direct partners are required (first generation).
  5. A minimum of 2 direct partners can help you achieve financial freedom.
  6. Earn bonuses on all generations to infinity.
  7. 2.5% Worldwide incentives for foreign paid travel, new cars and furnished homes.
  8. The point value (PV) is cumulative. both of you and the effort of your team.